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"I am patient"

vertical floral original painting


This collection started with my strong desire to capture my bouquet of peonies in photographs before it began to wilt and die.


I really wasn't expecting/planning to paint them, but as soon as I started snapping photos, I was utterly captivated! I knew I had to enjoy their presence with every brush stroke. 


I wanted to capture those emotions I felt from realizing their fading beauty without putting myself as the main subject. I chose women of varying cultural ethnicities to portray the spirit of endearing love. Women embody a softened heart and peaceful aura.


Although the emotion of holding onto something beautiful before it leaves is bittersweet, we are reminded that life is short. It calls us to capture a moment in every detail and be present to the beautiful things that we cherish while still here.


Adding women of varying ethnicities to this collection adds a new dimension that conveys not only how I felt when I bought myself flowers, but also that we all can act, feel, and treat ourselves and others better when we are more present. 


We are more :









and many other traits that seem to just flow with ease.


Original acrylic painting on archival 100% cotton cold pressed paper.

The painting is lightly signed in black acid-free ink and includes a Certificate of Authenticity.


For ease and convenience, each piece will come in a dark metal frame to purchase. As soon as your painting arrives, it will be ready to hang (just be sure to have your hammer and nails ready!)

"I am patient"

  • Note

    • Due to the nature of an original painting and working on a white background, there may stray pencil marks, smudges, and paint along the edge which adds to the character of the original piece of art.
    • Frames shown in the photographs are not included unless purchased with the painting.
    • If you are shipping internationally, please contact me directly before placing your order. 
    • If you have any questions about the shipping process, please visit the FAQ page before placing your order. 
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