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5x7 including white border


I was inspired to paint a landscape that brought me back to memories of the lake I’d frequently visit for my yoga practice before work. I went here often because finding solitude in the morning before work brought me profound peace that I needed to manage my anxiety from stress. I don’t have a photo of the exact place, but this one by @sigridsminde captured the feeling beautifully with its gentle waves and soft reflectance of the sky.


Starting my day with peace helped me manage stress in a fast-paced work environment.  It was always worth it in the end, despite having to wake up quite early to fit it into a busy schedule. There is something so special and healing about water. Hearing the sound of rippling waves and seeing the sunrise takes yoga to another level.



Original acrylic painting on archival 100% cotton cold pressed paper.

Painting sits within an acid-free 8x10" mat and backer board which fits nicely into an 8x10 frame.  

The painting is lightly signed in black acid-free ink and includes a Certificate of Authenticity.


Add a Frame!

For ease and convenience, I am offering a dark wood frame to purchase. As soon as your painting arrives, it will be ready to hang (just be sure to have your hammer and nails ready!) Please message me personally if this interests you. 


Special thanks to @sigridsminde for allowing me to use her photo as a reference. 

"Waves Carry Memories - ii" Horizontal Landscape

  • Note

    • Due to the nature of an original painting and working on a white background, there may stray pencil marks, smudges, and paint along the edge which adds to the character of the original piece of art.
    • Frames shown in the photographs are not included unless purchased with the painting.
    • If you are shipping internationally, please contact me directly before placing your order. 
    • If you have any questions about the shipping process, please visit the FAQ page before placing your order. 
  • Frame Information

    You can choose to frame your art in different ways:

    • Place the art close to the front for a traditional style, or behind the box insert to add depth.
    • It can be used hanging or standing, both horizontally and vertically, to fit the space available.
    • The front protection is clear polystyrene, as it is safer to use in case the frame falls.
    • The mat is acid-free and will not discolor the painting over time.
    • It can also be used without the mat for an 8x10 painting.
    • Please be sure to use fasteners suitable for the walls of your home. Because of this reason, it will not come with any fasteners. 
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