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This collection is inspired by fond memories of places I've visited in the Canadian Rockies as a child.

Collections reveal a glimpse of what I'm going through in life right now. I felt like I needed to visit places through my paintings that gave me solitude, rest, and a peaceful escape. A place where I can let go and surrender.  


I immediately think of the places I enjoyed most in my youth. Camping, fishing, and hiking around these parts of the Rockies are my favorite memories. I can still remember the stillness of being amongst majestic mountains and the clean, crisp air. It was a stark contrast to city life and I absolutely loved it! These profound experiences began my curiosity for trying to paint landscapes. I just wanted to rest my eyes on these places a while longer to admire them in my own way. Through memories, along with photographs taken by @mattyjmarch, I've painted well-known scenes from Jasper National Park in the Rocky Mountains.

Painting gives me a space to let go of anything heavy. So when I painted these pieces, I went with looser brush strokes than I usually would, and I tried to not overthink anything. Through art, I am learning to trust that the moments life brings are what they need to be, good or bad. 

The Canadian Rockies' collection of glistening waters and misty mountains is my visual representation of the ebb and flow through chaos and clarity in my life. I absolutely love each piece for that reason, and I hope you enjoy them too. 




Giclee prints are made on archival fine art paper and

are made to look just like the original.

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