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5 Habits to get a Restful Nights Sleep:

For the longest time, the evening routine has been the hardest for me to get right. I'd find myself lying in bed, not being able to quiet my mind

So many ideas kept running around, from what needs to get done to the never-ending list of to-dos.

Time would pass by so fast, and I was still wide awake!

These past couple of weeks, I've been trying to lay a better routine. If you'd like to know more, swipe to read about what has helped me:)

photo by moyostudio

  1. Turn off all devices 1 hour before bed - yes, even your phone!

  2. Signal your body to get cozy and calm by turning on a lamp or candle with a soft, warm light.

  3. Put your hand over your heart and slow down your breath. Pay attention to your breathing. Each inhale and exhale should feel calm, steady, and evenly paced.

  4. Journal about your day and think back to what made you smile and feel content.

  5. Place a cozy blanket over your legs and read a book that takes you away on a journey.

No one is perfect, but it helps to have some ideas to fall back on. I hope these inspire you to create a nighttime ritual for yourself! #slowliving #nighttimeroutine #sleeproutine #selfcareroutine #findingbalance #sleep #rest #artistselfcare


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